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About Us

The pursuit of the perfect pickle... 

Bonnie Blue became a self-taught pickle maker by necessity. Unable to find pickles like the ones she enjoyed as a child, she decided to try making them herself. It took more than a few attempts. Years, in fact. Many a cucumber met a tragic end, sacrified in a worthy cause.

Persistence paid off, however. In 1999, she was rewarded with her very first blue ribbon at the Dixie Classic Fair. The prize money was only five dollars, but the bragging rights were priceless. As it turns out, that blue ribbon was the first of many. Bonnie's experiments continued. As she developed new recipes, an enterprise took shape.  
"Once you've won a bunch of blue ribbons for your pickles, it's time to start sharing. No, not the recipe - I'd kind of like to hang onto that,
if you don't mind. But you can buy as many pickles as you want. I still make them the old fashioned way. No shortcuts, no substitutions. Just the same great pickles every time. You can count on it."

                                                                                      Bonnie Blue

Bonnie Blue's products are made with apple cider vinegar,
cane sugar, spices, and a few secret tricks of the trade.
No additives, no preservatives, ever. We promise.
"They say it's not bragging if you can back it up."
                                                   Bonnie Blue

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